Let your customer choose where and how they shop

Catch up with the big brands who are already getting buyers used to the omnichannel shopping experience.

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Your brand is as good as your buyers' experience

Today many brands are already serving their clients both in their offline stores and through their webshops in a synchronized way. Comfortable shopping has become the norm. You want to be in the game and be known for your high-end customer service.

See in store, order online

Find what you are looking for in your offline shopping, and get it delivered to your house through your online store.

Buy online, pick up in store

Enable your customers to shop from the comfort of their house, and get their order prepared for them at your brick & mortar store.

Real-time insight into stocks

Beecom lets your clients and employees check what your store has in stock and which shop they can buy their desired item.

Connecting online with offline

You and your buyers have access to a complex and deep insight into all your stores' locations, inventory and purchasing options. With Beecom your employees can easily access all the stores' stock inventory and serve your clients via a POS system by simply tapping a mobile device or tablet.

  • Access your store via online map
  • Multi-source inventory
  • POS app for shop assistants
  • Manage all from one place

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