Open as many stores as you wish

Keep one back end and multiple storefronts. Cut costs with one admin platform.

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There are no limits to your sales goals

With Beecom SaaS, with one account and back end you can create as many storefront instances as you need. Keep one admin panel and create completely different shops, front end and functionalities, and manage them from the same place under the same cost.

Cut costs and time

Avoid paying for separate accounts and migration of data. Create multiple storefronts on different domains from the same center.

Manage stores easily

Using one dashboard and catalogue to manage your stores makes your business growth easier than ever before.

Serve various markets

Create long-term or pop-up stores with various currencies and languages. Your international business is now at your fingertips.

Showcase multiple scenarios from the same catalogue

Reuse your catalog and store configurations on multiple domains to target different markets each with their own specifications.

  • Easy multi-language set-up
  • Connect separate domains
  • One catalogue - multiple stores

Join the next generation
of e-commerce in under three months

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