Enter any market on the globe

Reach buyers anywhere with localized eshops, from one dashboard, on a SaaS that handles price display, store languages, payment and delivery to any country.

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Scale internationally with speed and security of service

With our hosting on Google cloud, we can offer localized solutions and availability everywhere. Wherever your buyers are, we switch your store to the nearest data center, kept safe by multiple security layers. Keep the speed and performance of your store for all markets you target.

Unique localized stores

Set up any number of stores with their own localized functionalities and design, each targeting a specific market.

Secure data handling

Security and compliance with legal requirements of different countries is a big hurdle you can just fly over with Beecom SaaS.

One catalogue for all stores

Opening a new store is easier than you could ever imagine. Build and customize multiple store instances from the same catalogue.

What can you achieve?

You can become a magician of international ecommerce. With Beecom, with one subscription fee you get the option to grow your business globally. You can enter any market you choose at the most suitable time for any desired length, and run all these endeavors from one central dashboard.

  • Run multiple stores paying the fee of one
  • Target any market in any language and currency
  • Launch pop-up stores easily
  • Manage your global business from one dashboard

Do you need more input on all of this?

We're happy to share more about the international selling with Beecom platform. Read about all advantages in the following blog post.

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