Create great UX on any device

You have the freedom to create your shop using headless or decoupled technology for any device. Beecom supports your frontend design however you want to go about it.

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Showcase your identity exactly how you want it

Bring out the essence of your brand identity customized for any device using the newest technology. Beecom SaaS fully supports headless e-commerce, using API calls for frontend design, and enables you to serve your users with the best experience in which ever way they access your store.

Ready for the future

As new devices hit the market, you can enable your customers to access your store from laptops, mobiles, smart devices and any new tech that will emerge.

API end-points

We are ready to serve your frontend design with all API endpoints of our advanced Magento features already built into Beecom.

PWA based solution

Beecom design layouts are based on PWA in case you want to save your time and money, and go with ready-made solutions.

Your brand without limits

You are only limited by your creativity. You can serve each of your different markets and segments with special user experience depending on their favorite devices, optimized for your target audience.

  • Design AB testing
  • Seamless designs accross devices
  • Go to market faster than ever
  • High conversion and scaling power

Do you need more geeky input on all of this?

We want to tell you about the details of our infrastructure. We make sure you can make an educated technical decision about Beecom.

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