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Save your team's time, avoid errors, and guarantee customer satisfaction. Automate the customer journey, marketing and sales processes and order management.

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Utilize the power of workflows

There are so many tasks your team doesn't have to do manually if you have the right system. Beecom SaaS let's you cut costs, plan for the future, handle multiple stores and avoid human error by its automation features.

Content scheduling

Prepare for campaigns, new seasons and special offers by publishing your content with an advance schedule.

3rd party integrations

Use your existing automation flows. Connect your store with CRM, and your stock and product management system.


Numbers drive the business. Beecom gives you reports, you only need to review, adapt flows and check in after a while to see how you are doing.

The secret is in rules

Utilizing rules in your business processes helps you create specific workflows for campaigns. Use rules for labels and categories to handle stock and messaging with unique automations.

  • Segmentation and tagging of customers
  • Content scheduling
  • Low-stock product management
  • Manage activities from one place

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