Indulge your business customers

B2B sales becomes an exclusive VIP experience with integrated tools and special treatment

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Treat your buyers to the powerful B2B experience they deserve

Beecom allows you to create personalized accounts for each buyer, that can lead to a unique segmented storefront, faster checkout process for repeat buyers, and powerful search and filtering functionalities. Using CSV, B2B customers can create automated bulk orders and repeate saved ones.

Connect with ERP and CRM

API makes it possible to integrate your favorite 3rd party CRM, ERP, BI tools and data-bases that you need to run a smooth venture.

Serve VIP customers

Create special storefronts for logged in VIP B2B customers to serve them special offers, functionalities, and user experiences.

Advanced segmentation

With advanced segmentation features you can create personalized offers for each of your B2B customers.

Want to do some serious business?

Stand out among the online stores by offering high-end services for your business customers. With Beecom SaaS you have a tool that makes B2B sales easy and efficient for both sides.

  • Advanced customer segmentation
  • Powerful search and filtering
  • Complex orders streamlined
  • Store protected by password

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