Usually, setting up your e-shop to target various countries, currencies and languages means dealing with a myriad of issues with bureaucracy, shop administration and expenses. But we have amazing news for you! You can choose a way easier solution.

SaaS ecommerce platforms solve all your international e-commerce worries

Usually, setting up your e-shop to target various countries, currencies and languages means dealing with a myriad of issues with bureaucracy, shop administration and expenses. But we have amazing news for you! You can choose a way easier solution. 

What most webshops and e-commerce platforms fail to streamline or even support, is creating storefronts that target different countries all over the globe. Traditionally, an e-shop owner would need to set up a store for each of its target countries, including the front-end, the stock management, payment methods and currencies, and we could go on. While this method of creating independent e-shops used to provide a livelihood for web developers and designers, it meant an overly complex task to manage all these separate store instances by the owner. Not to mention the expenses!

However, Beecom and its Magento 2 backend provides a game-changing service. You can have one back-end and as many unique storefronts for each market, as you can handle. 

Let’s dive a bit deeper into how this capability supports your international business endeavours. 

Open stores in any country and its corresponding language and currency

Imagine you started an e-shop targeting your own country. That sounds easy enough, you are in your comfort zone, have control over your content, know your customers and the laws governing your e-commerce business. But what happens once you start exploring other markets and realize you could do even better on, let’s say, other continents?

While it would sound daunting, Beecom actually has your back. With the multi-store feature, you can start an international e-commerce business and have access to any market around the globe. Operating from one catalog and paying for one e-shop instance, you can set up multiple stores, each with their own specifications.

Enter new markets aligned, prepared and confident

Design, content translation and market research are among the easier tasks to achieve. A huge blocker for e-businesses doing cross-border online sales is handling online transactions, setting up payment gateways, adhering to local laws and bank regulations around currency display, making sure the right terms & conditions, contracts, privacy policies and other legal documents and processes are in order.

A great relief that comes from a SaaS e-commerce solution is that all these issues are bridged by the platform and its service model.

You can tend to various legal environments, customer needs, and use the most suitable payment gateways, and also handle your shipping in a specific way for each country, gather reviews and integration services for the specific market.

Your customers are guaranteed a fast and secure buying experience

Now you know you are all set with the storefront and legal foundations, but what about the technical base? Who is serving the customers and how? How many customers can enter your store at the same time without disrupting the experience for the other? Where is their data kept? What happens if something breaks? What happens if things go too well too fast (if there is such a thing)?

Well, another great thing about Beecom is that the platform is hosted on Google Cloud, with a global reach, multiple data centers, and endless scalability. What does this mean for an e-business?

To put it simply, you can serve any country from the nearest server ensuring speed, but also legal compliance. The more customers you get, the more hosting you are allocated, and like a harmonica, it shrinks when you have less traffic. This way, the server literally serves you, instead of it being a blocker for growth or an unutilized expense.

Working with one of the leaders in cloud technology, you also get best-in-class support, around-the-clock maintenance, and guaranteed security.

Speed of service is also enabled by the fact that our international store feature is built into the core system, it is not a 3rd party plugin or a partner-technology, which would potentially slow us down. Yes, we know, this is unusual, but it’s true. It is part of the Beecom platform core structure, so you always have the fastest access to it.

Connect your business tools, close the loop 

The last but very critical step in building an e-shop is keeping an eye on the business, tracking KPIs, identifying issues and opportunities, and making various other uses of reporting.

The Beecom platform allows easy integration with any 3rd party service that you use as your ERP. You can export and import your data with ease, connect your external functionalities with data coming from your e-store, and feed necessary data into the back-end of your online platform.


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