You will feel spoilt by all the additional features Beecom is regularly adding to its platform on daily basis. We make the best of the highly customizable Magento 2 system to bring you an exclusive ecommerce experience.

Designed Frontend

Material design theme

Thanks to our Material design configuration any theme is completely customizable. Your store can look as unique as you wish. It only depends on your imagination.

One-step Checkout

Your store has a fast checkout making shopping comfortable for your customers. No redirections, no multiple steps. Your sales are done on one page!

Fully responsive

Your store looks and functions perfectly on any device. Our templates are fully responsive from your homepage to the checkout.

Storefront conversion

Discount and coupons

Boost your marketing with special offers and coupons! Use our cart rules and customize your catalogue prices as you wish!

Best performance

Your shop runs on Google cloud and has its own unique environment. This means full scalability and automatic power boost whenever you need it. The platform automatically adjusts to your needs.


Follow every aspect of your online store via the Enhanced Ecommerce module which tracks what your customers’ activities in your store.


Gain more traffic with customizable SEO. You are able to set up unique metadata for every page of your store. We have also integrated Enhanced E-commerce module.


Your customers can enjoy the power of high-speed search and get results in only a few milliseconds.

Multi-Tier pricing

Tier pricing lets you offer discounts from your catalog list and product detail pages. The discount can be applied to a specific store view or a customer group.

Store locator

With Store Locator you are able to offer store delivery of your products. You can navigate your customers to your brick ‘n’ mortar shop and give them an omnichannel experience with no added shipping fee.

Expand to every market


You can create multiple stores accessible at different URLs. All stores under the Magento multistore installation share the same backend, which makes the administration super easy.

Ready to use Payments

Your store is by default integrated with Amazon Payments, PayPal, Authorize.net, Klarka and Google Checkout. You also have the option to accept Checks, Money Order, and Online Purchase Orders.


Online stores attract customers from international audiences. The more languages your Magento store can offer, the more customers you can serve, and the better your conversion rates will be!

Core Features

Unlimited Catalog

Magento 2 can handle more than 250 000 products in its catalog. Beecom platform can handle even more with auto-scaling of server resources.


The Beecom Matrix rates module allows you to set your shipping methods depending on the location of your customers. You can also divide your orders by subtotal or weight.


You can create your own tax rules specific to different locations, so your customers always pay the appropriate taxes with each purchase.

Customer Groups

Adjust your prices for each customer group using tax classes management. You can also use it to reward the loyalty of your returning customers by giving them a discount on their next purchases.

Reporting & Analytics

Use the analytic tools of Magento 2 to track every activity that goes on within your e-store.

Configurable & Downloadable products

Online stores attract customers from international audiences. The more languages your Magento store can offer, the more customers you can serve, and the better your conversion rates will be!

Up to date

The Beecom platform is under constant maintenance and improvement. This means the technology is always up to date, and new modules are implemented regularly.

More features are coming

We are improving our platform 24/7. If you are missing a functionality that would be important for you, you can send us your request and we’ll put it on our improvement list to implement as soon as possible.

Monthly fee

All modules we implement on our platform are free. This means that all improvements and new features are included in your monthly fee with no extra costs.


Beecom integrated the fastest APIs in the industry, so your shop automatically and seamlessly syncs data from 3rd party systems like ERPs.

Security First


The Beecom platform operates on a high-performance cloud hosting with the best availability. We guarantee 99,999% uptime of our cloud infrastructure.


Your store data is regularly saved on data centers. You can load a backup of your database with a simple request.

No vendor lock-in

You're always able to migrate your project to another solution. You can export your database, download public modules on the Beecom GitHub and try your luck anywhere else.

You are not alone


The Beecom team is ready to support you with any issues or questions. And not only that, but the whole Magento 2 community has your back.


Find answers and tips about setting up your online store. We keep our documentation public, online, for everyone who needs any help.


You can set up your project within months. The usual project takes from 2-4 months to start selling with Beecom SaaS, while custom development takes more time.

Mobile app


Enable your employees with a powerful tool that lets them get all the information about a product by scanning its barcode.